My Generation

A vital. illuminating collection of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner s elegant. passionately engaged nonfiction "My Generation" is the definitive gathering of William Styron s nonfiction..

The Ritalin Fact Book

By the author of The Antidepressant Fact Book and Talking Back to Ritalin. a straight-talking guide to the drugs used to treat ADD and ADHD. Known as the "Ralph Nader of psychiatry..

Everybody's Book of Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Whether it's round the water cooler or the Sunday evening pub quiz. a lull at a dinner party or the back of the school bus. we need to know if a sloth eats upside down. why onions make us cry..

The Hoarder in You

We all have treasured possessions-a favorite pair of shoes. a much-beloved chair. an ever-expanding record collection. But sometimes. this emotional attachment to our belongings can spiral out of control and culminate into a condition called compulsive hoarding..

Heavy Water and Other Stories

Nine dazzling stories make up this volume of unique and alluring fiction. In "Career Move. " poets are flown first-class to Hollywood in order to take meetings with sandal-shod produces. Witness the world of "Straight Fiction" in which everyone is gay except the beleaguered straight community..

Fathoming the Ocean

By the middle of the nineteenth century. as scientists explored the frontiers of polar regions and the atmosphere. the ocean remained silent and inaccessible. The history of how this changed - of how the depths became a scientific passion and a cultural obsession..

The Stress Cure

Stress is very much part of life in the 21st century. and has overtaken the common cold as the major reason for taking time off work. But while we cannot avoid life's pressures..

Marked by Fire

Kissed by the spray of the Iguacu Falls in the lush heart of the Brazilian rain forest. the luminous woman Tamires kneels. searching for answers. The falls have always beckoned her..

A Fiery Discovery

Join Hiccup. Toothless. and the rest of the gang at the Berk Dragon Training Academy as they encounter their first new species of dragon in this 8x8 storybook retelling based on a popular episode of "Riders of Berk"..